About us

About us

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Welcome to Manolo Bakery!

We are a family bakery founded in October 1972 by the father of the current manager.

Since then, we have maintained our passion for making quality and traditional products, always looking for the best raw materials and the most authentic production methods.

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At Manolo Bakery, we make sleeping bread, the bread fermenting 24 hours always before cooking. It is much healthier because very little yeast is added, a lot of sourdough and then ingredients such as organic orange, organic olive oil, among others.

We have 32 varieties of bread, which are made every day, without processing or freezing. In addition, our belly dumplings, cuttlefish with tomato, mushrooms, fried vegetables, chicken, tuna with tomato, among others, are made in our own house. We do not buy anything processed or elaborated. Everything that the empanadilla has, from the origin to the end, has to pass through us.


The Bread Paradise

The love for the bakery runs in our veins, and since we were little we have lived in this bakery, seeing how Murcian bread was made and learning from our elders. We still have in our memory how we used to go up to a box of beer to be able to open the oven door and take out the batches of bread!!

The best raw material, and the best team!!

At Manolo Bakery we are proud to belong to the Murcia Association of Bakers, a totally disinterested association that puts everything it knows at the service of all the bakers belonging to it. Thanks to this, we have searched for a flour mill that provides us with very old wheat, not genetically modified, with a very low glycemic index. Thus, we have developed a product that is very durable, with a very particular flavor and an unmistakable smell.

In our bakery, the work is all done by hand. The machines are only a support. The dough has fermented for several hours in the basin, and you don't have to hit it very hard, just care and affection. The commitment to the traditional has one objective: health. We use stone-ground French flour to which we add our own sourdough and with a long fermentation process, the final product can only be good.

We are also committed to training and education. We collaborate with the Tourist Qualification Center, which lends us its facilities to carry out courses, and schools visit us to learn how bread is made.

We hope you enjoy our delicious creations!

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